A New Discovery in Reflexology!

Master Class with Mardeen Stoltz for Reflexology Professionals and Students of Reflexology

I am SUPER EXCITED to share this breakthrough knowledge with you! After eight years of intensive research on Embryonic Reflexology, building on more than 30 years of experience in practice, I am ready to share this leading-edge skillset with my fellow reflexologists and the world.

I have done extensive research on our development from the embryonic stage and how patient treatment through reflexology differs when applying Embyronic-Reflexology Connection knowledge.

Existing, known regular charts or maps

Known regular Reflexology charts differ slightly from one another. My regular charts do not replace other regular charts. In the event that my regular charts differ from your chart on some organs, please use your known reflexology palpation point from your charts and then add my palpation point, thereby working both. We learn the most by having an open mind and by being inclusive. I expect students to be familiar with Reflexology and their own existing regular charts, obtained from their Reflexology schools. My intention is to possibly enhance your existing regular Reflexology knowledge and expertise, and then to add the new Embryonic-Reflexology Connection knowledge and 7 accompanying charts.

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This Master Class will give you:

  • Ground breaking information on how to identify, approach and then apply reflexology treatment to the root causes of serious diseases, turning vicious circles into virtuous circles,  by concentrating on specific energy zones first.
  • 5 BRAND NEW Embryonic-Reflexology Connection Charts and 2 Embryonic Reflexology Body System Charts, showing links between diseased organs and body systems.
  • The Embryonic-Reflexology Connection Charts are combined into one large chart and are also individual charts, which is part of your purchase of this Master Class in Embryonic-Reflexology Connection. This you can take to a local printing facility to get it printed. You will get clear, specific directions on how to use the charts from your study of the Masterclass. These charts are NOT copies of current foot charts or the same as the old existing charts. My charts are a first for the world, showcasing my finding.
  • Insights, technical knowledge and protocols never shared before – be the first to practice these techniques!
  • Proof and detail from iridology and microscopic blood analysis.
  • 450 pages of innovative information, more than 650 pages of images and more than 90 explanatory educational videos.  Video total time:  7 hours, and 21 minutes.
  • New tools to grow your business with enhanced patient outcomes.
  • New skills to be an impactful therapist with innovative, trail-blazing knowledge.
  • The opportunity to maximise your income potential by having a thriving practice with a waiting list, like I do (my waiting list is 6-7 weeks long and I see an average of 10-13 client bookings  a day, 5 days a week).
  • Case studies of serious disease reflexology treatment protocols, including the attitudinal, dietary and habitual changes applied, that brought about balance in clients’ energy systems and that enabled their bodies to heal themselves. Some case studies are from my book Barefoot Secrets with added technical knowledge.
  • Evaluation criteria:  Optional questions and answers will be provided after certain sections in the masterclass, to evaluate your understanding of the work with an 80% pass on these quizzes. This will ease you  into answering questions in this manner and to prepare you for the exams. Quizzes don’t count towards the exam.
  • Evaluation Criteria:  For continued educational points, an optional exam midway through and one at the end of the course is provided, which is partly (70%) composed of the questions and answers (quizzes) after chapters, and partly new questions 30%. Upon successful completion of the exams (done on internet, in the same manner as the quizzes) and having attained 70% for your exams, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement. You will have 3 chances to complete both exams. Passing the first exam gives you entry to the second exam.
  • After successful completion of this course, your name will be entered onto a page in my website as a qualified Embryonic-Reflexologist and if you agree, also your location/web page. This is conducive to keeping a high level of expertise and ability as a reflexologist. This also protects the field of reflexology and also the reflexologist that wants to advance their knowledge and expertise, wanting their practice to stand out above the norm.

Some of the case studies include: 

“I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis 21 years ago while I was undergoing surgery to remove a benign tumor in the thyroid gland. Thereafter I had to use Diotroxin and Euthyrox for 21 years as I had zero function of the Thyroid. Mardeen’s program over 18 months opened all the energy zones in my body which helped my body to completely regenerate my thyroid and the medical doctor was forced to stop the Diotroxin and later Euthyrox. The medical doctor said it was impossible and that he had never heard of a thyroid being able to regenerate itself before. Mardeen uncovered 26 different factors that influenced my thyroid and her reflexology treatment and dietary advice changed these factors into wellness. Medical tests are available to prove it.” – HH

“After being totally incapacitated for 2.5 years with Rheumatoid Arthritis and having used debilitating medicine for it without any results, I started with Mardeen’s program, and within 4 months and 10 reflexology treatments, my energy zones were opened up and my body was able to heal itself  completely, and I was relieved of my condition. After 4 months on her program, I started training for a marathon and I was able to run it in an even shorter time period than anticipated. Mardeen found a number of diseased organ energy zones and factors underlying the RA. With ease these zones were balanced, which allowed for my body to balance the organs and regenerate my joints.” – LDJ

“I had lost most of my muscle mass and the natural curve of my spine – it became one straight line with no sign of buttocks! I was desperately ill for 11 months with heart related problems and hospitalized several times. On Mardeen’s program of opening problematic energy zones enabling my body to heal itself,  I could literally feel how my spine was “pulling in!” I had no symptoms of heart disease within a few weeks and regained the natural curve to my spine and all muscle mass was restored within 10 months. I am even able to compete in marathons now and I can do vigorous exercise daily. For the first time in many years I actually have a bum again!” – MLG

More on the Embryology-Reflexology Connection Master Class from Mardeen

I completed a 5 year research project in 2015, and spent the next 3 years advancing my findings on the connection between Embryology and Reflexology and how this relates to the organs in the body.  I found this to be the missing link in the cause and treatment of so many diseases.  I apply these principles every day and have been extremely successful in uncovering the mystery of diseases that are termed “incurable”,  or possible to cure, but no cure is actually effected, only palliation of symptoms.

This Master Class uncovers ancient truths, forges new paradigms in healing processes and can instill hope, courage and a belief that the body can heal itself.

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Oxidative diets – Testing methods –  Not one diet for all:
The speed one uses to transform food into energy determines the Oxidative group to which one belongs. People differ in speed, therefore in diet as well. Digestion and dietary rules; oxidative diets.

12 Principles of Natural Healing:
Some of the 12  Principles include: Pathways to disease; healing crisis vs disease crisis; what the steps are to disease forming and what do we need to do emerge from disease; the law of cause and effect; the value of raw food. This contains expanded and more advanced information than what is in Barefoot Secrets.

BHealed Embryonic-Reflexology Connection:
Detailed explanation of how, in reflexology terms, the embryonic development is mapped on 5 new BHealed Embryonic-Reflexology Connection charts. This is a brand new discovery and absolutely unique, one- of-its-kind worldwide.

10 BHealed Embryonic-Reflexology Connection Lines:
How organs affect one another immediately from an embryonic perspective, using the BHealed Embryonic-Reflexology Connection charts I developed.

7 BHealed Embryonic-Reflexology Triads:
Three organs affecting each other in a Triad – a vicious cycle to be broken. How to identify and change vicious cycles into virtuous cycles.

22 Different organs Embryonically Related to the stomach plus small and large intestines:
Embryonically, we first consist of intestinal tissue and from that we develop our organs, glands, extremities and the rest of the body. This explains referred symptoms, serious diseases and conditions that never seem to heal.  This is due to the embryonic development of a human being  that is not understood or even considered as part of our intention or protocol when we employ treatment plans, based on our understanding of the disease.  Learn about the 26 different factors that cause a thyroid to become diseased.

8 BHealed Reflexology Pyramids:
How to identify factors (diseased organs) that build a pyramid in disease – how one organ disrupts the next organ, until 13 and more organs are diseased. How to balance the root causes for degenerative conditions and autoimmune diseases. Which organ was first diseased?  Then… how to retrace the steps until homeostasis is reached.

5 Factors causing disease:
How to identify factors that disrupt the bodies terrain, that “allow” the body to become a perfect terrain for viruses, bacteria and fungus and how to balance this terrain.

26 BHealed Reflexology Quartets:
Explain the specific factors and organs that affect the alignment of the spinal position. Learn how to stimulate the bodies energy so that the body itself can “pull in the spine,” by correcting all such organs and factors.

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Meet Mardeen and hear about her personal healing journey.

The top questions about the Master Class in Embryonic Reflexology Connection

Question 1: Is it another reflexology course or new technique?

No, the Master Class is for qualified reflexologists and students of reflexology. It is not about technique, but builds on existing reflexology knowledge to open out an entirely new field for understanding how disease forms and can be treated.

Question 2: What do you mean by advanced reflexology?

My teaching of the BHealed Embryonic Reflexology Lines, Triads, Quartets and Pyramids evolved from my findings and eight years of research. It shows how vicious circles underlie disease and how reflexologists can apply my findings to address these underlying causes.

Question 3: Does it use the old charts that are common in reflexology?

I do share my old charts, but the Master Class is really about brand new, never-seen-before charts, on the Embryonic Reflexology Connection.  My charts do not replace other existing Reflexology charts.

Question 4: Is it a new reflexology finding?

Yes, completely new, completely unique. You will not find this anywhere else on the planet!

Question 5: Are these new charts?

Yes, new charts used as an aid to explain the new Embryonic Reflexology findings and how to advance reflexology.

Question 6: What are your findings based on?

My 8 years of research revolves around the embryonic organ’s progressive influence and is fused with over 30 years of Reflexology practice, Naturopathic principles and accumulated ancient knowledge.

Question 7: Does the BHealed Master Class consist of written information only?

No. It has over 450 written pages, over 650 pages of images and  90 educational videos called Snagits. A Snagit is a video of my voice accompanying the Powerpoint slide, where I use my cursor (red ball) on the power point slides to visually illustrate what I am verbally explaining. The Snagits are typically utilised where I explain each sign on my new charts. This method is user friendly and is an easy way to understand the charts and memorise them.

Question 8: Why do you include new terminology?

To differentiate between the understanding of a “Regular pressure point” for an organ, and to create space for understanding the new “Embryonic Reflexology Pressure Points”. This is based on my finding that complements regular reflexology with a profound understanding of the causes for degenerative and acute disease. This new knowledge serves to strengthen our understanding and ability as reflexologists.

Question 9: Does your finding replace reflexology as we understand it?

No, it complements it and shows the underlying patterns that disease may follow.

Mardeen is available to teach the following workshops on request:

Eating for Optimal Health

Factors that rob us of our health and keep us from healing must be brought into the light!  We need to transform bad habits into good ones, as this is the starting point of creating a healthy body/mind/spirit. We need to discern between food and non-food, and to be aware of chemicals in food that colour, preserve and enhance its taste.  I teach about the importance of enzymes in the diet and how the lack of enzymes contributes to the disease process.

The time used to transform food into energy varies from person to person and this is why there isn’t one diet for every person.  Food correcting the pH of the meat-eater will render the fruitarian sick as this same food will, for instance, unbalance the fruitarian’s pH and vice versa.  What a paradox!  This explains why some people just can’t heal while on a perfectly healthy, whole food and raw food diet.  There are different paths to choose from regarding the speed the body uses to balance itself.  The more disciplined you are, the quicker you can get the body into homeostasis (balance).