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Mardeen’s skills, training and qualifications include:

– Diploma: Therapeutic Reflexology, registered as a Therapeutic Reflexologist with the Allied Health Professions Council

– Certified Iridologist, following German, British and American modalities

– Certified in Nutritional Brightfield and Darkfield blood microscopy

– Certified Trance State Therapist

– Certified Ethno-Medicine Practitioner and Ethno-Psychology Practitioner, she is registered with EPASA as an Ethno-Medicine and Ethno-Psychology Practitioner which affords her the privilege of practising Iridology, Nutritional Live Blood Analysis, Trance State Therapy, Ethno-Medicine and Ethno-Psychology in South Africa.

– Certified Colon Hydro Therapist

– Certified Lymph Drainage Therapist

– Certificate: Herbalism

In addition, Mardeen has pioneered the revolutionary Embryonic-Reflexology Connection methodology which has seen hundreds of people find great balance in their energy zones which helped their bodies to regain their own health.  As a world first, the Master Class in Embryonic-Reflexology Connection for reflexology professionals was launched in May 2019.



The innate God-given bundle of energy within the human being is the healing factor in each person.  We are intended to be in good health as we are equipped with this magnificent power that works around the clock to restore homeostasis.

With reflexology, we firmly apply pressure to the tissue of the hands and feet, stimulating specific zones which send impulses to various corresponding parts of the body, opening and stimulating the energy meridians.

The body is the healer, not the person performing the reflexology.  After stress, injury or disease the body must return itself to equilibrium or homeostasis (a healthy balanced state). Reflexology aids this process and is seen as a preventative measure against disease.  Go walking barefoot on uneven terrain and see how energized you feel after 15 minutes! This is what our ancestors did without knowing how they actually improved their well being.

The feet can be viewed as a map, reflecting the body as a mirror image.  The right foot reflects the organs on the right side of the body and the left foot reflects organs on the left side.  Organs situated in the middle of the body are found in both feet medially.  Every organ has its corresponding reflex area in the feet.

There is no final conclusion as to how reflexology works as this is a phenomenon that functions on an energetic level and just cannot be fully explained in our physical realm.  Through many years of documented findings and results we do know that it works.  There is a ball of energy that God created to move around within the human body in a highly organised way, that keeps to certain energy pathways in order to maintain balance or to bounce the body back to balance or homeostasis.

After Reflexology treatment one may experience occasional symptoms like a headache, dizziness, constipation or increased stools and urination, tiredness, feeling bloated or pain in the areas that were worked on.  This is the energy zones opening and can result in detoxification as the body balances itself. As one has further treatments, these symptoms are experienced less frequently until only a feeling of well-being and tremendous relaxation is felt.  It is recommended that two glasses of water be taken before or after a reflexology treatment to aid the detoxification process.


Barefoot Secrets, by Mardeen Stoltz, urges readers to concentrate on the real causes of disease and not only the symptoms. The body can heal itself if we allow blocked energy flows to be opened and if we bring self responsibility to the way we live. Barefoot Secrets is a revolutionary text describing the Embryonic-Reflexology Connection findings and case studies testifying to the effectiveness of the unique health care system developed by Mardeen during her 31 year practice as a natural health therapist.

Available at Mardeen’s offices and Pumpkin Tree Guesthouse or online at AmazonBarnes and NobleApple Itunes and Kobo.


The Embryonic-Reflexology Connection Masterclass for Reflexology Professionals and Reflexology Students will be launched in May 2019 – watch this space!

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Iridology is the natural science of studying and analysing the signs in the iris that, under high magnification and bright light, reflect the genetically inherited pattern in constitutions, together with structural, colour and neurological changes that occur within the iris over a period of time.  These signs may indicate abnormal tissue conditions, may pinpoint weaknesses/strengths, congestion, areas of concern and nutritional weakness.

Each person has been endowed with a constitution. This differs from person to person, will not change and therefore has to be understood.  Iridology can bring about enormous relief for patients when they realize what keeps them sick.


Sclerology pinpoints congestion, tendencies to disease, emotional/physical stress, disease processes and system pathology by viewing the whites of the eyes under magnification and light.  Red lines and other markings in the whites of the eye correspond to diseases in the body.



Also known as Nutritional Live Blood Analyses, a drop of blood is viewed under high magnification using a microscope.  The way blood behaves and the time it takes to deteriorate is taken into account.  Various blood morphologies and abnormalities can be identified and will provide information on the underlying five factors of the terrain that supports a healthy body.  The five factors are: pH levels; the amount of oxygen available; nutritional status; toxic load; electrical/magnetic balance.

Everything we believe, think, feel, say, do, eat and drink affects these 5 factors.  If these 5 factors are balanced one would be termed healthy.

Mardeen uses Brightfield and Darkfield Microscopic Evaluation of capillary blood to know where to optimise and balance these factors.  Two hundred years of research into Brightfield microscopy by prominent medical doctors proved how viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc. need a certain environment within the human body in which they can flourish. We establish how to balance the terrain so that a virus cannot survive.


Trance State Therapy is not a replacement for medical treatment, psychological services or counseling. Through the use of a person’s mind, a sense of power, control and confidence is gained.  In this respect the person is enabled to take responsibility and acknowledge the power from within to transform thought into experience.  The objective is to create a sense of peace and harmony within the individual.

Trance State Therapy is used to tap the person’s innermost source of strength, which is the power of the mind, in order to control physical response; transcend assumed or assigned limitations; find solutions to self sabotaging habits; control negative attitudes and behaviour as this leads to physical illness.

Relaxation techniques and guided imagery boost self-confidence and instill a sense of challenge to face the future positively.


“I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis 21 years ago while I was undergoing surgery to remove a benign tumor in the thyroid gland. Thereafter I had to use Diotroxin and Euthyrox for 21 years as I had zero function of the Thyroid. Mardeen’s program over 18 months opened all the energy zones in my body which helped my body to completely regenerate my thyroid and the medical doctor was forced to stop the Diotroxin and later Euthyrox. The medical doctor said it was impossible and that he had never heard of a thyroid being able to regenerate itself before. Mardeen uncovered 26 different factors that influenced my thyroid and her reflexology treatment and dietary advice changed these factors into wellness. Medical tests are available to prove it.” – HH

“After being totally incapacitated for 2.5 years with Rheumatoid Arthritis and having used debilitating medicine for it without any results, I started with Mardeen’s program, and within 4 months and 10 reflexology treatments, my energy zones were opened up and my body was able to heal itself  completely, and I was relieved of my condition. After 4 months on her program, I started training for a marathon and I was able to run it in an even shorter time period than anticipated. Mardeen found a number of diseased organ energy zones and factors underlying the RA. With ease these zones were balanced, which allowed for my body to balance the organs and regenerate my joints.” – LDJ

“I had lost most of my muscle mass and the natural curve of my spine – it became one straight line with no sign of buttocks! I was desperately ill for 11 months with heart related problems and hospitalized several times. On Mardeen’s program of opening problematic energy zones enabling my body to heal itself,  I could literally feel how my spine was “pulling in!” I had no symptoms of heart disease within a few weeks and regained the natural curve to my spine and all muscle mass was restored within 10 months. I am even able to compete in marathons now and I can do vigorous exercise daily. For the first time in many years I actually have a bum again!” – MLG