Embryonic-Reflexology Master Class


The Embryonic-Reflexology Master Class is a world first educational experience for Professional Reflexologists and students of reflexology.


The Master Class was launched in May 2019. Your copy will be delivered to you as soon as we launch.


I am SUPER EXCITED to share this breakthrough knowledge with you! After eight years of intensive research on Embryonic Reflexology, building on more than 30 years of experience in practice, I am ready to share this leading-edge skillset with my fellow reflexologists and the world.

This Master Class will give you:

    • Ground breaking information on how to identify, approach and then apply reflexology treatment to the root causes of serious diseases, turning vicious circles into virtuous circles, turning vicious circles into virtuous circles by concentrating on specific energy zones first.
    • 5 BRAND NEW Embryonic-Reflexology Connection Charts and 2 Embryonic Reflexology Body System Charts, showing links between diseased organs and body systems.
    • The Embryonic-Reflexology Connection Charts are combined into one large chart and are also individual charts, which is part of your purchase of this Master Class in Embryonic-Reflexology Connection. This you can take to a local printing facility to get it printed. You will get clear, specific directions on how to use the charts from your study of the Masterclass. These charts are NOT copies of current foot charts or the same as the old existing charts. My charts are a first for the world, showcasing my finding.
    • Insights, technical knowledge and protocols never shared before – be the first to practice these techniques!
    • Proof and detail from iridology and microscopic blood analysis.
    • 450 pages of innovative information, more than 650 pages of images and more than 90 explanatory educational videos.
    • New tools to grow your business with enhanced patient outcomes.
    • New skills to be an impactful therapist with innovative, trail-blazing knowledge.
    • The opportunity to maximise your income potential by having a thriving practice with a waiting list, like I do (my waiting list is 6-7 weeks long and I see an average of 10-13 client bookings  a day, 5 days a week).
    • Case studies of serious disease reflexology treatment protocols, including the attitudinal, dietary and habitual changes applied, that brought about balance in clients’ energy systems and that enabled their bodies to heal themselves. Some case studies are from my book Barefoot Secrets with added technical knowledge.
    • Optional questions and answers will be provided after certain sections in the masterclass, to evaluate your understanding of the work with an 80% pass on these quizzes. This will ease you  into answering questions in this manner and to prepare you for the exams. Quizzes don’t count towards the exam. An optional exam midway through and one at the end of the course is provided, which is partly (70%) composed of the questions and answers (quizzes) after chapters, and partly new questions 30%. Upon successful completion of the exams (done on internet, in the same manner as the quizzes) and having attained 70% for your exams, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement. You will have 3 chances to complete both exams. Passing the first exam gives you entry to the second exam.
    • After successful completion of this course, your name will be entered onto a page in my website as a qualified Embryonic-Reflexologist and if you agree, also your location/web page. This is conducive to keeping a high level of expertise and ability as a reflexologist. This also protects the field of reflexology and also the reflexologist that wants to advance their knowledge and expertise, wanting their practice to stand out above the norm.

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