Positivity needs no introduction.  It is what we perceive, think feel and do that becomes our reality and our character.  We need to decide that we are going to change our attitude towards ourselves, others and the events that happen in life.  Rather see the glass as half-full and be in good spirit than to see it as half-empty and fall into despair.  Our perceptions, thoughts and feelings about the people and events we encounter generate the experiences we have.  So, expect to receive goodness in life and expect that everyone is working towards giving you an abundant, awesome and spectacular life.  Then go out and give others the same abundance, awesomeness and spectacular experience.  What you offer others is like sowing a seed; it grows and matures and becomes a harvest and always comes back to you in all its glory.  This is a law that operates around the clock throughout the universe.    

Taken from Barefoot Secrets written by Mardeen Stoltz