Blood Sugar Levels and its Effect on the Brain

When we regularly eat sugar or other refined carbohydrates (which also convert to sugar in the body), our adrenal gland and pancreas can become affected, which immediately cases fluctuations in blood sugar levels that could affect the functioning of the brain.  These fluctuations in blood sugar could cause over-activity of the brain leading to being highly reactive to everyone and everything around us; yet the next moment we could become under-active and lethargic, experience poor concentration, or we could also feel depressed from these downward spikes of low blood sugar.  When in this low energy state, a message is urgently sent to the hypothalamus which is situated in the brain and which controls our need for food.  The hypothalamus then creates a craving for refined carbohydrates in order to elevate the sugar level with speed in order to protect the brain.  In other words, what goes into our mouths affects our mood.  Now the affected mind will dictate what we eat