Embryonic Reflexology Connection

Explaining the Palpation Exploration Method (PEP)

Welcome to the explanation of my exciting new PEM and PEP techniques, used in known Regular Reflexology and the new Embryonic Reflexology.

These new Reflexology techniques are employed by the Embryonic Reflexologist to gain energetic knowledge from the energetically blocked organs of the diseased individual.

I developed the PEM and PEP (Palpation Exploration Pathway) techniques to trace the underlying pathways that organs follow to affect each others’ energy flow. This technique may unmask the causal organs for an individual forming a disease in a distant organ. We need healthy flow of life giving energy through organs, which aids the body to heal itself of disease. Without unobstructed energy flow through organs, the body may not be able to heal itself or keep itself healthy. Then the therapy focus changes from the distant organ to the causal organs!

The Palpation Exploration Method (PEM) is used to determine if an organ’s energy is imbalanced, which may lead to disease. This method causes certain symptoms to arise when we palpate a diseased organ (these symptoms are stated in each different organ’s section in Chapter 4 of the Master Class in Embryonic Reflexology Connection). These symptoms, felt by the diseased individual, are a result of the energy partially or fully opening up, and this serves to prove that the organ needs its energy flow opened up in order for the body to heal itself. The effectiveness of PEM is realized after a few reflexology treatment sessions, when the diseased individual no longer feels any symptoms with palpation, because the energy zone is open and indicates that the body is enabled to heal itself.

I use my unique practical Palpation Exploration Pathway (PEP) to determine which underlying organs are affecting the energy flow of a certain organ. This is a practical step-by-step exploration pathway to identify the possibilities of how diseases form, by one organ influencing another’s energy flow, and how body systems impact each others’ energy flow. The effectiveness of PEP is also proven later, when the diseased individual no longer feels any symptoms with palpation, because the energy zones are open: this indicates that the body is enabled to heal itself. This is when body systems aren’t influencing each other anymore and organs are in harmony … functioning in virtuous circles.

This is a new exciting tool used to find the pathways to blocked energy that causes disease. It advances practical Reflexology to the next level. PEP is used in Regular Reflexology (known reflexology) and in the BHealed Embryonic Reflexology Connection (new finding).