Therapeutic Reflexology

The innate God-given bundle of energy within the human being is the healing factor in each person.  We are intended to be in good health as we are equipped with this magnificent power that works around the clock to restore homeostasis.

With reflexology we intend to firmly apply pressure to the tissue of the hands and feet (the feet for this purpose), stimulate the zones on the feet which then send impulses to various corresponding parts of the body, having a positive effect in opening and stimulating the energy meridians.  The body is the healer, not the person performing the reflexology.  After stress, injury or disease the body must return itself to equilibrium or homeostasis (healthy balanced state) and reflexology aids this process and is seen as a preventative measure against disease.  Go walking barefoot on uneven terrain and see how energised you feel after 15 minutes! This is what our ancestors did without knowing how they actually improved their well being.

The feet can be viewed as a map, reflecting the body as a mirror image.  The right foot reflecting the organs on the right side of the body and the left foot reflecting organs on the left side.  Organs situated in the middle of the body are found in both feet medially.  Organs found in the right and left areas will be found in both feet in their corresponding areas.  Every organ has its corresponding reflex area in the feet, and will be located in the same zone in the feet as in the body.

There is no final conclusion as to how reflexology works as this is a phenomenon that functions on an energetic level and just cannot be fully explained in our physical realm.  We do know that it works, through many years of documented findings and results.  I stand in awe as I see it in action!  With “it” I mean this ball of energy that God created to move around within the human body, in a highly organised way, keeping to certain energy pathways in order to maintain balance or to bounce the body back to balance or homeostasis.

After Reflexology treatment one may experience occasional symptoms like headache, dizziness, constipation or increased stools and urination, tiredness, feeling bloated or pain in the areas that were worked on.  This is the energy zones opening and detoxifying as the body balances itself.  As treatments commence these symptoms are experienced less frequently until only a feeling of well-being and tremendous relaxation is felt.  It is recommended that two glasses of water is taken before or after a reflexology treatment to aid the detoxification process.

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