Raw Juice Therapy

Raw juice therapy is a powerful way of working with disease, but it is important that you have the right tools to optimise the healing potential of this method.

There are cheap juicer models on the market (the centrifugal type) but these juicers cannot be used for healing as they waste and produce deficient and enzyme-poor juice that only becomes a beverage high in sugar content.

The pressing method juicers like Norwalk or Angel juicers retain important enzymes that our systems need to perform healing.  This is also advocated by Dr. Max Gerson as a great health-restoring agent in which live nutrients flood the system and accumulated toxins are forced from cells into the blood stream, transported to the main organ of detoxification, the liver.

One must keep in mind that accumulated toxins in the body, when on raw juice therapy, such as pesticide residues, preservatives and food additives from the normal Western diet, can burden the liver considerably when all these toxins are dumped into it.  This can lead to self-intoxification and this is when one needs to apply coffee enemas to relieve the liver of its toxic load.


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