Nutritional Microscopic Evaluation of Live Capillary Blood

A drop of blood is viewed under high magnification using a microscope.  The way blood behaves and the time it takes to deteriorate is taken into account.  Various blood morphologies and abnormalities can be identified providing information on the underlying five factors of the terrain that supports a healthy body.  The five factors are Ph, the amount of oxygen available, nutritional status, toxic load and electrical/magnetic balance.

Everything we believe, think, feel, say, do, eat and drink affects these 5 factors.  If these 5 factors are balanced one would be termed healthy.

I use Brightfield and Darkfield Microscopic evaluation of capillary blood to know where to optimise and balance these factors.  Two hundred years of research on Brightfield microscopy by prominent medical doctors proved how viruses, bacteria, fungi etc. need a certain environment within the human body in which they can flourish. We work with how to balance the terrain so that viruses and bacteria cannot survive in it.

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