My point of view on disease

Disease develops like a puzzle being built.  Before the picture can be seen all the pieces of the puzzle must be in place.  The picture relates to the name of the disease and the puzzle pieces are the negative thought patterns and attitudes, spiritual immaturity, wrongful living, negative eating and drinking habits leading to certain weakness in organs and accumulated toxins in the body, causing loss of function and enervation.

In addition, certain organs could be genetically weak and predisposed to certain diseases. If the person is unaware of the existence of these genetic pre-dispositions and not living in a way that is mindful of them, disease can emerge.  So, the disease name is only the tip of the ice-berg.  All the reasons leading up to the disease are depicted by rest of the iceberg underwater – this is actually the real disease.  It is important to uncover and uproot all factors supposedly hidden from sight.

God created reflex points in the feet, hands and head to be stimulated without us being aware of it happening as we work with our hands. Our ancestors walked barefoot, stimulating the reflex points in their feet.  Reflexologists stimulate these points to open energy pathways so that energy can flow.  So Simple, yet profoundly powerful.

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