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Registration for Master Class in Embryonic Reflexology is now OPEN !

The Master Class in Embryonic Reflexology Connection is a world first, a revolutionary set of findings borne of 8 years of research and investigation. Mardeen explains more about it in the video below.


Our mission is to educate and help people find optimal health through reflexology and by teaching ancient natural laws governing health. With this system, the body does the healing.

Reflexology enables us to unblock energy flows that cause disease, so that the body is able to heal itself. Patients and students learn how disease forms and to take responsibility for their own health through right attitude, right eating and by drawing on tried and tested healing systems that work with the complex and magnificent intelligence of the body.

Barefoot Secrets – New Book!!

Mardeen Stoltz and the BHealed team are thrilled to announce that Mardeen’s long awaited book Barefoot Secrets has been published!

Hard copies available at Pumpkin Tree Guesthouse & Rejuvenation Centre or eBook online at Barnes and Noble; Apple Itunes; Kobo and our very own online shop.